Concrete Repairs - Boston MA

Concrete floor that needs repairConcrete repairing is a process of fixing the concrete surface which with the passage of time has lost its ability to grip the binding concrete material together because of damage or environmental stress conditions. Concrete repair is suitable for concrete driveway repair, for cracks in your concrete floor, physical impacts, surface scaling or chipped surfaces.

There are a number of ways for the repair of a concrete surface, that require certain steps, like;

Ø  Cleaning of the surface of concrete and ensuring that no chipped concrete flakes, granules, dirt, oil, grease or any loose material adheres to the surface. Use of a sledgehammer or chisel upon requirement.

Ø  Usage of a bristle broom or a brush is better to scrub the surface which requires repairing

Ø  Now flush the surface with water and ensure that all the loose material has washed away.

Ø  Use the numerous cement repair solutions that are readily available in the market. Like vinyl-patching compound which are mixed with water or any bonding agent for repair. Though it would be preferable if you used a bonding agent instead of water.

Ø  Trowel the mix inside the broken, chipped off areas and crack and properly tap it in order to remove any air gaps that might be left. Make the surface smooth by leveling it and then all the surface to dry.

If you cannot do this or do not have time to do this then you can just hire concrete repair services for concrete crack repair, concrete driveway repair or concrete sidewalk repair.

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