Concrete flooring

worker at concrete flooringConcrete floor, the most basic flooring material because of its robustness. If speaking in a relative manner it is just a slab surface poured directly on dirt bed or gravel for installation of a concrete foundation of building. Before you have a concrete flooring, you must know the basic and important steps of it so you are not cheated into paying more than the work done. If even a single step of concrete flooring process is skipped, the durability and longevity of that floor is reduced considerably. Therefore, if you want a long-lasting flooring then you must have a basic know how on the steps of concrete floor.

The most common bed for building upon a concrete floor is a gravel or a sand bed resting beneath concrete slab which act as the building’s base. This layer is then covered by a vapor barrier sheet. This sheet prevents the moisture from moving up the concrete that you will lay after. Then, a welded wire fabric mesh is placed over the barrier sheet. Lastly, concrete slab is poured onto the layers that were set up. Concrete slab is then smoothed and allowed to dry for a suitable time.

In some cases, concrete is made to spread downward in a footed foundation to provide an anchor for the structure to the ground. These beams are mostly surrounded by hard sheet material and insulation to protect their structure and increase their longevity.

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